Cost-effective Repairs down to the component level

Axsera is your Canadian solution for radio repairs and telecom equipment repairs. Put your defective equipment back to work. Contact us to get a quote or RMA for telecom and radio repairs.

Axsera’s repair capability

Axsera troubleshoots and repairs faulty telecom equipment modules down to the component level. We can fix your radio and telecom equipment, test it, and send it back to you good as new and guaranteed.

You can count on Axsera for:

  • Telecom equipment repair and testing
  • Warranties on repaired equipment
  • Emergency replacement service
  • Customized Service-Level Agreements

If you need long-term support for critical legacy microwave backhaul systems, subscriber radio systems, and other legacy telecom equipment, Axsera can assemble test-beds, acquire specialized instruments, develop procedures and maintain spares to ensure that your networks can operate reliably for many years to come.


Our customers trust us to keep their wireless, microwave radio, and telecom equipment working and productive. Telecom service providers, utilities, broadcasters, and WISPs rely on Axsera for repairs of telecom equipment including microwave backhaul systems, power supplies, DSLAM and FTTH equipment, GPS and satellite receivers, 2-way radios, and other key network technologies.

Benefits of Axsera Telecom Repairs Services

We’ve earned our clients’ trust over 15 years serving the Canadian telecom industry. We are a repair partner to all the largest communications service providers in Canada, as well as many of the largest utilities and broadcasters.

  • We are a true repair shop. 
    • We have a fully equipped in-house lab and highly skilled repair technicians. We can repair many types of legacy equipment that other shops can’t touch.
  • We’re an agile support partner for critical network technologies. 
    • We support product lines from multiple vendors — a “one-stop repair shop”
  • We offer a quick and cost-effective Canadian repair solution. 
    • We can offer fixed price repairs on many items. If you have an item we haven’t repaired before, ship it to us and we’ll evaluate it free of charge.