Company Vision

Who we are

Axsera is a dedicated and experienced team of telecommunications industry professionals. We’ve been supporting clients with wireless technology, wireless engineering, and telecom installation services for over 15 years, and as a team our staff has hundreds of years of telecommunications experience. We are committed to making your wireless network projects successful and stress-free.

What we do

Axsera engineers, supplies, and maintains radio communications infrastructure for service providers, enterprises, utilities, and government. We offer complete wireless solutions for microwave backhaul networks, Private LTE, 2 Way Radio, and SCADA networks. Our Enterprise Networks group designs and delivers business grade WiFi networks and Ethernet technology.

We meet our client’s needs for RF Network Engineering and wireless network installation services with decades of expertise in wireless network design and deployment. Axsera’s RF engineers and specialists perform microwave backhaul and WiFi surveys, design wireless networks, select and supply antennas and towers, and deploy and commission all types of wireless technology for customers across Canada, including remote and far northern areas.

Our Solutions

We support our clients throughout their wireless technology life cycle. We consult with you to determine your needs and propose the most appropriate products and technology. We also offer engineering services to handle detailed design, and technical field services to ensure quality installation. To support in-service networks, Axsera offers on-site and remote support, and we maintain a fully equipped telecom equipment repair center that offers quick, guaranteed repairs down to the component level. Most major telecommunications service providers in Canada, as well as broadcasters and many electric power utilities rely on Axsera repair services to keep their networks operating reliably and economically.


Axsera supports our clients to ensure their wireless projects are successful. We can supply a single radio link, an integrated wireless solution, or a full turnkey wireless solution including design and installation services.

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RF Engineering

We support North American and global clients with RF engineering and RF testing services. Our wireless system engineers are experienced, dedicated, and equipped with professional wireless design tools.

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Technical Services

Axsera has decades of experience deploying and maintaining wireless communications networks. We offer our clients the boots on the ground to make sure their wireless projects are successful:

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Axsera’s fully equipped lab and skilled technicians will return your critical equipment to service quickly. Clients across Canada count on Axsera for telecom repairs down to the component level, and simple repair logistics.

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The Benefits of Partnering with Axsera

Axsera strives to take the risk and complexity out of radio and wireless communications projects. Customers rely on us to solve their wireless network challenges, quickly and with no headaches.

Whether that means handling all aspects of enterprise WiFi system design and deployment, managing wireless network installation services in remote areas, or working in regulated, mission-critical environments, Axsera is a professional wireless solutions organization that allows you to focus on your business while we take care of deploying the wireless technology you need. We provide consulting services to understand your RF challenges, wireless engineering services to design and deploy your network, training services to ensure your staff is capable and independent, and telecom field services and maintenance to keep your network in good operation for many years.

Our Partners

Our Approach

We have decades of experience designing, deploying, and maintaining wireless networks on behalf of major operators, utilities, and enterprises. We engage with our clients as trusted consultants to study their environment and application to propose the most appropriate solution.

With experienced in-house wireless project managers, RF engineers, and technicians, Axsera can offer our clients turn-key solutions, where all the client has to do is turn on the power and all aspects of equipment selection, network integration, and on-site services are handled by us. Moreover, thanks to our nationwide network of resources and long experience working in Arctic and Northern areas, we can handle projects across Canada.