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Our Wireless Product Line

Axsera works with a range of leading technology vendors to offer optimized solutions for your application.

Point-to-Point Microwave Backhaul

Microwave backhaul is flexible, quick to deploy, and economical, but microwave always demands a balancing act between the need to maximize throughput and the need to stretch range to the limit. Axsera’s deep expertise in wireless backhaul solutions means we can help clients find the optimum technology for their application and location.

Axsera’s history is built on deploying a wide range of microwave backhaul solutions to connect mobile base stations, remote offices, industrial sites, and 2-way repeaters to the core network. We offer clients a microwave backhaul product line that includes optimized solutions for applications in public mobile networks, enterprise networks, utilities, and public safety.

Axsera partners with leading point-to-point microwave manufacturers including:

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SIAE Microelettronica

4G and evolving 5G networks demand the absolute highest capacity microwave backhaul available. SIAE Microelettronica has 60 years of experience in the microwave industry and is one of the largest suppliers of mobile backhaul to worldwide carriers. SIAE’s ALFOPlus line of licensed microwave solutions offer the highest capacity in the industry, with a family of mobile backhaul solutions that spans traditional licensed bands (6, 11, 18, 23 GHz), and also includes 10Gbps wireless backhaul for emerging e-band (80 GHz) applications.

Cambium Networks

For Enterprise and Utility applications Cambium Networks’ point-to-point backhaul radios represent an industry standard solution. With flexible, high capacity licensed and unlicensed microwave radios, Cambium Networks PTP820 (licensed) and PTP670 (unlicensed) offer network operators robust, proven wireless performance in all types of demanding environments.

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For utility and public safety networks, 4RF’s Aprisa XE family of long-haul point-to-point backhaul radios offer a unique solution to the challenges of reliably connecting remote locations such as 2-way radio repeater sites, electric power generating stations and substations, and other distant locations.

Point-to-Multipoint Microwave Networks

Point to Multipoint microwave technology offers unrivalled cost-effectiveness and adaptability when operators need to link several scattered locations to the core network. Axsera can legitimately claim to be among the pioneers of Point-to-Multipoint microwave deployments worldwide. We have industry-leading expertise in planning and deploying complex, mission-critical point to multipoint microwave networks for industrial applications; and we have decades of experience with remote area point to multipoint microwave networks. Point-to-Multipoint networks operate primarily in the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band, as well as the flexibly-licensed 3.65 GHz band, and several licensed bands including 1.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz.

Axsera is an approved partner for the leading point to multipoint microwave product lines. We supply and support Cambium Networks and Redline Communications solutions including:

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Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks offers multiple product families for point to multipoint fixed wireless applications, including the PMP450 range of very high capacity, highly scalable access points and subscriber modules that are reference products for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) as well as enterprise users. In addition to a highly evolved feature set including GPS synchronization and advanced scheduling algorithms, the PMP 450 platform also features groundbreaking cnMedusa™ massive Multi-User MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) capability that increases capacity per sector.

Redline Communications

Redline Communications is one of the most experienced companies in the point to multipoint fixed wireless industry. Their RDL3000 family of rugged point to multipoint systems are the standard solution for several oil & gas and mining companies worldwide. With exceptional reliability, stable throughput under high traffic scenarios, and optimized radio performance, Redline point to multipoint wireless networks are selected by demanding enterprise and industrial customers. Redline radios are available in a variety of bands including the unlicensed 5.8 GHz band, as well as several licensed bands such as 2.3 GHz, and the emerging UHF and TVWS bands.

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LTE Networks

Private LTE

Industrial companies in mining, oil & gas, transportation and electric power are leveraging private LTE network architectures to deploy their own broadband mobile networks for key applications and to provide mobility services outside of commercial coverage zones. With a private LTE solution, utilities and industrial enterprises benefit from enhanced business operations and functionality while reducing costs. With a private network under their own control, critical infrastructure owners control network resources and can implement QoS for critical applications without competing for resources with public network users, particularly in times of heavy traffic.

Private LTE advantages:

  • Supports advanced industrial applications such as autonomous vehicles, real-time data monitoring and analytics, and IIoT networks
  • Implements a simple RAN with better coverage and range than WiFi based approaches.
  • Delivers true vehicular-speed mobility
  • Offers high throughput in fixed and mobile applications
  • Built-in Security and privacy
  • Future proof: leverage the huge existing eco-system of LTE modems, handsets, tablets, and sensors, and prepare for a migration to 5G

Axsera is an approved partner for leading Private LTE solutions including:

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Redline Communications

Redline offers the iLTE RDL6000 optimized Private LTE solution for remote, rugged environments that demand industrial-strength machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications. Redline’s broadband iLTE technology is designed from the ground-up to be rugged and provide the capacity, range, reliability and real-time performance necessary to connect critical M2M/IoT applications.

LTE Modem/Routers

Using LTE modems, electric power utilities can leverage 4G LTE technology to enable smart metering and smart grid applications, while pipeline companies and other oil and gas operators can benefit from real-time data and health monitoring enabled over LTE networks.

4G LTE Modems are cost-effective in many applications, offer high bandwidths, mobility, and are compatible with both public LTE networks and private LTE networks.

Axsera is an approved partner for the leading LTE Modems including:

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The Aprisa LTE family of LTE modem routers offer smart, secure, communications in a package that incorporates 4RF’s know-how in industrially hardened systems, redundancy, and utility-scale manageability. Designed for infrastructure monitoring and control for the electricity, water, oil and gas industries the Aprisa LTE modem router has the rugged protection you need including IEEE 1613 and hazardous location certification.  Aprisa LTE modems can be mounted on vehicles for on road and off road use, for tough public safety and secure mobile networking.


Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, anywhere. Simply. Securely. Wirelessly.

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Fixed LTE

Fixed LTE networks leverage industry-standard LTE architecture, and are optimized for fixed wireless broadband. They offer advantages in terms of NLOS range and network coverage, while offering access to an ecosystem of customer premises equipment (CPE) and the lower perception of risk that comes from selecting an industry-standard technology. Fixed LTE is particularly attractive to larger WISPs that want to grow with a 3GPP approved technology, and which may be able to take advantage of licensed and lightly licensed 3GPP bands.

Axsera is an approved partner for the leading Fixed LTE solutions including:

Cambium Networks

For service providers oriented towards LTE technology, Cambium Networks offers its cnRanger fixed LTE solution, available in several 3GPP standard bands.

With excellent coverage, cost-effective terminals, and a simplified LTE network architecture, cnRanger is an optimized solution for many broadband wireless operators.  Built around a virtualized, embedded core, cnRanger allows service providers to avoid the cost and complexity of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) required by mobile LTE networks. With cnRanger, operators can eliminate dependency on cloud communication, and provision infrastructure in minutes.

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Narrow band Data Radios

Narrow band data radios are widely used by electricity and water utilities in SCADA and telemetry applications to monitor and control their infrastructure. Oil and gas companies and mines use narrow band data radios to monitor their equipment and operations over the extraction area.

Operating in the VHF and UHF frequency ranges, narrow band data radios can be configured in point to point or a point to multipoint (PMP) arrangement and are designed to offer the security, manageability, and IP networking capability to efficiently and reliably transport critical data in utility and industrial networks.

Industrial data radios often operate in the unlicensed 902-928 MHz ISM band, while mission-critical systems in more congested areas may require operation in licensed bands.

Axsera designs, supplies, and installs industrial data radio networks for demanding applications in urban and remote areas. We offer support for clients to obtain frequency licensing of SCADA radio links, supply utility-grade radios from 4RF, ruggedized antennas, and handle all radio installation tasks.

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The Aprisa SR+ family of narrowband radios provides point to point and point to multipoint radio communications designed and optimised for SCADA and telemetry applications.  With advanced narrow band SCADA radios from 4RF, utilities can create a true Field Area Network (FAN).

  • The Aprisa SR+ is a smart, secure licensed  narrow band data radio for industrial monitoring and control for the electricity, water, and oil and gas industries. The Aprisa SR+ provides industry leading capacity of up to 1152 kbit/s full duplex for data-intensive applications, using advanced 256 QAM modulation and 100 KHz channel sizes.
  • Based on proven Aprisa technology, the Aprisa SRi is a utility-grade unlicensed radio operating in the 902-928 MHz band, and offers unprecedented flexibility and security.

Aprisa SR family benefits

  • High capacity: to meet the growing number of data-intensive SCADA applications, the Aprisa SR+ provides data rates of up to 576 kbit/s half duplex / 1,152 kbit/s full duplex in 100 kHz licensed channels.
  • Secure: 360 degree security protection, including AES 256 encryption, data authentication and micro-firewall
  • Reliable and robust: designed for extreme temperatures and real-world utility applications, and easily integrated with current SCADA infrastructure
  • Long range: High power, high sensitivity radios for longer links
  • More efficient and cost effective: advanced, efficient MAC, with available full-duplex operation, optimised for SCADA applications.
  • Easy to configure and manage: laptop-free install and over the air software upgrades
  • Scalable: Standards-based with SNMP for integration with network management systems

2-Way Radio Systems

Industrial installations including mines, large construction sites, and power line and tower construction projects require private 2-way radio systems to ensure safe operations. Axsera delivers full turnkey private mobile radio solutions using DMR technology to provide critical voice communications, vehicle and personnel positioning and tracking, as well as man-down and lone worker supervision.

We offer our clients wireless design services using professional tools and detailed terrain models to deliver accurate coverage predictions. We can provide complete installation services for repeater sites or offer installation supervision to ensure the quality of work and network performance.

Our 2-way radio clients count on Axsera for complete turnkey solutions, including programming and configuration of radio units, manufacturing of custom cables and antennas for vehicle installation, and we even develop and supply custom communications cases for use in leased and non-standard vehicles.

Thanks to our background in backhaul technology, we can integrate your 2-way network with microwave, cellular, or satellite backhaul solutions.