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Off-Grid Power Systems

Reliable off-grid power is a challenge for many Telecom, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Mining and Utility companies.

Historically, Diesel Generators have been used for many off-grid power applications but site visits for maintenance and fuel fill-ups can drive operating costs to levels that cannot be sustained.  Solar panels can provide reliable power but may require a heavy investment in large solar arrays and large battery banks.

EFOY Pro Hybrid fuel cell off grid power systems meet and surpass operators’ requirements for low operating costs and reduced capital investment in solar power infrastructure.

EFOY Pro uses Methanol Fuel Cartridges to generate electricity. In combination with a small solar array and battery bank, an EFOY hybrid power system is an ideal remote power solution. Some of the key benefits of EFOY include:

  • Clean Energy and fuel efficient – Eco-friendly
  • Small footprint and lower weight – lower transportation costs
  • Longer autonomous operation – Lower maintenance and transportation costs

An EFOY hybrid off grid solar power system combines solar power with fuel cell backup in a turnkey power solution that can operate for years without having to replace the Methanol Fuel Cartridges. The entire system operates efficiently and only uses Methanol when solar power output is reduced below a threshold level. The EFOY Pro Hybrid fuel cell system, enclosed in a protective cabinet, ensures that the batteries are fully charged and maintains an appropriate ambient temperature to permit the electronics to remain fully operational at temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius.

EFOY can be sized to accommodate varying power loads up to 1000W. Some of the typical applications include:

  • Telecom systems (Repeaters, Wireless Base Stations, VSAT Terminals, 2-way radios)
  • Security Systems (Cameras, Motion Sensors)
  • Signalling systems for roads and train crossings
  • SCADA systems for Power Utility and Oil & Gas applications

EFOY has been deployed worldwide in some of the harshest environments and has delivered sustainable results. The combined Capital and Operational lifetime cost of EFOY has proved to be much lower than traditional power sources like Diesel and Thermo Electric Generators (TEG).